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To some people, launching a business during a pandemic shutdown might seem like a really bad idea. But, NXTGEN Nutrition was formed to “Help people through the power of hemp” and what better time than a generational defining crisis to start something that can really help others? 

Combining years of athletic and business experience, our three founders embarked on a mission to develop a line of nutritional and CBD products that will have a profound impact on people’s ability to physically recover and enhance their athletic performance and overall well-being.


Brian is the lead cowboy on this wagon train of wellness. He has devoted the last two years to immersing himself in all things hemp. Through all his work in educating himself, researching and testing of hemp products he has earned himself the nickname of “The Dude of Hemp.”

Brian is a competitive tennis player who played at Missouri State University (Go Bears!!!). He remains very active, competing in regional and national tournaments. He understands the challenges of being a master’s athlete and appreciates what CBD does for him in his quest to reach his goals.


Brian and Clev have had many adventures together in business and otherwise. They have been friends since 5th grade and bonded over the tormenting of a rather mean long-term substitute teacher. Being typical 5th graders, we switched names back and forth over the course of a few weeks, resulting in the sub becoming very confused and frustrated; which naturally, we claimed as our first victory together!  Looking back…. Probably not a shining moment in how to treat others, but still, it was the beginning of a lifelong friendship.

Clev has competed in endurance sports for 30+ years ranging from running to canoe racing, from triathlons to surf ski racing. His dominant obsession has been in cycling and the current iteration of that obsession is cyclocross. Clev was drawn to CBD to due his desire to improve his racing performance and his training regime. 


Brian, Clev and Chris were having a business meeting over adult beverages about a separate business endeavor when Chris asked, “What other things are you guys up to?” Brian shared with him our work on bringing to the market, super high quality, THC free and 3rd party tested CBD products designed to help athletes improve their performance and enhance their ability to recover. After seeing first hand how CBD benefited several of his family members, Chris became super pumped about the opportunity and immediately began engaging his connections in the sports and hunting fields.

Brian and Clev left the meeting thinking that when a dynamo like Chris gets excited about a business idea it is time to saddle him up and ride. So here we are “The Three Amigos” committed to “Help the world through the power of hemp.”