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October 16, 2020 4 min read

CBD Benefits for Tennis Players

Most tennis players have heard about the benefits of CBD and how people use it to help deal with anxiety, stress, and difficulties sleeping; however, what you might not be aware of is that many athletes also rely on CBD to enhance their recovery after a hard match or day of training, or to help cope with physical injuries and the stress put on the body by overtraining.

The first major tennis professional player to sign an endorsement deal for CBD was 35 year old John Isner, currently ranked #23 in the world.  Isner isn’t the only pro that has endorsed CBD oil products. Twin brothers Mike and Bob Bryan have also joined the CBD crowd.  After Bob’s 2018 hip injury, he had to undergo hip resurfacing surgery. He and his doctors weren’t sure if he would ever play again, but after focusing on his rehab, diet, and by using supplements such as hemp derived CBD, Bob and Mike were able to able to make their comeback debut at the 2019 Australian Open.  Why would high-profile tennis players use CBD?  Let’s take a look at some of the possible benefits of CBD in the lives of tennis players. 

What are the main benefits of CBD for tennis players?

After spending a big part of my life playing tennis, it comes as no surprise that CBD can be a benefit to tennis players. There are quite a few reasons for players to give CBD a try, and surprisingly, CBD’s benefits may not just be limited to the physical side of the sport. 

Here are a few of the main ways that CBD can play a part in improving tennis players’ overall health and performance:


1.Tennis isn’t like a lot of sports because there’s not a lot of standing around and waiting for something to happen.  Other than the change overs, tennis doesn’t really allow any kind of extended breaks for the players.  Since players are for the most part in constant motion, the sport can produce a considerable amount of strain on muscles and joints.  Even if you aren’t injured, it’s still not uncommon to have a few aches and pains during or after you finish playing. The therapeutic quality of CBD can help you recover from muscular strains and joint pain so you can keep being your best on the court.

2. I’ve found that CBD helps to enhance my ability to recover from a tough day on the court as well as an injury.  Now don’t let anyone kid you…. If you have bone on bone knees, CBD isn’t going to somehow magically fix your condition.  But, for most muscle strains, tight calves and hamstrings, sore backs, shoulders, and elbows, CBD could be just the thing you need to get back out on the court and enjoying tennis. Some players, like Bob Bryan have used CBD after a major injury to help extend their tennis careers.

3. CBD can help support the battle against inflammation.  By helping your body recover from inflammation, tennis players should find some relief for common conditions such as tennis elbow, sore wrists, and tight backs.

4. For many CBD users, they have found that they no longer need NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs). According to the FDA, NSAIDs can cause gastrointestinal bleeding, and all NSAIDs (other than aspirin) can increase the risk of heart attack or stroke. It’s no wonder that with each passing study that makes a stronger case for CBD’s ability to improve health and wellness, that athletes are increasingly embracing CBD to improve their athletic performance and health.

5. Some tennis players can get stressed out or anxious about an upcoming tournament or match. CBD can help them in their battle against game day stress and anxiety.  As athletes, we experience all different kinds of stress.  Performance stress or anxiety is very common among musicians, actors, and athletes.  The days, hours, or minutes leading up to a big match or tournament can result in poor sleep, a racing mind, and in some cases, very unpleasant symptoms including rapid breathing, dry mouth, a racing heartbeat, and nausea.  We’ve all experienced or at least seen someone who “gets tight” in a match.  Your serve speed might drop, strokes tighten up, you begin overthinking everything, and the fear of losing becomes front and center.  If you are someone who suffers from game-day stress, CBD may help you to put your stress and anxiety symptoms to rest so you can focus on giving the best performance possible.

In the Tennis World Is it legal to take CBD?

As per the WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency), CBD, if it doesn’t contain THC is not prohibited.  However, athletes should be aware that some CBD oils and tinctures extracted from cannabis plants may contain THC and other cannabinoids that could result in a positive test for a prohibited cannabinoid. 

As a tennis player, it is extremely important that your CBD doesn’t contain any THC.  By the way, this is also extremely important for many professions.  No one wants to lose their livelihood due to a bad drug test. 

As per the 2018 Farm Bill  hemp farming was legalized in all 50 states of the US. The Bill is the primary reason why CBD is considered to be no longer a controlled-substance and is more known for its beneficial values than anything else. 

If you have any concerns regarding trace amounts of THC in your CBD, then it is important for you to use a CBD product that contains ZERO THC.  You should verify the THC content by reviewing the product’s Independent Third-Party testing results.

The key takeaway here is that CBD-intake is allowed by US law, and can contribute to a holistic approach to health, wellness, and athletic performance. 

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